Our Story – R&R Labels

Our Story

Do you - love a beautifully organized home?

- look for natural, organic, chemical free, local?

- strive for balance and well being for yourself and others?

So do we.

Our story begins with beauty. Not so long ago, we began using beauty recipes inspired by French grandmothers: natural, organic, local, sustainable, seasonal - ingredients that perfectly match our ethos.

But our beauty potions were stored in not-so-pretty mustard and jam jars and we couldn’t tell the white hair mask from the white body cream...

...so we set out to improve their storage.

First attempts - some of us used office labels and hand wrote or printed names onto the labels - others used label-makers to add that old-fashioned, hand-punched look. Better. But the results still looked like they belonged in the apothecary or office and didn’t fit with our aesthetic. And worse, those office labels would not come off without tremendous effort involving several Google searches and a few YouTube video tutorials! No amount of elbow grease or steel wool would completely remove them. Too much work!

That’s when we hit on the idea of creating a home organization, label-making system. R&R Labels was born.

beautifully designed, removable and reusable home organization labels

We are in our early days and delighted that you are joining us on this journey. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our story.

In the days ahead, we will be launching more designs, label sets and sizes. If you have insights for us on how we can make your experience of R&R Labels better. Or, if you have questions, please drop us a line. We will be thrilled to hear from you!